Hopeless college dropout makes fortune overnight

We recently had the honour of speaking with Thato Naidoo. Two decades ago, Thato was a 19-year-old college dropout from Cape Town that began working in a Durban cafe. Thato had dreamed of becoming a famous photographer, but discovered art classes to be too dull.

He dropped out of college in the conclusion of his year. For the next two years, Thato served coffee for minimum wage. He was growing tired of working a very low wage, dead end job.

His fortune took a turn for the better after he had a discussion with James, one of his colleagues during their break one day. James said that his brother had built a successful career by selling his photographies on iStockphoto. He learned as much as he could about the subject before making a career change. By understanding the emotional factors that drove image selling on this website, he managed to create more than 3 million Rands after his first season and he made his dreams come true – he actually did became a photographer as he wanted to be, by offering the very best quality images on this website.

“Since grade 6, I aspire to be a photographer. It was all that I ever wanted to do. After dropping out of college, I certainly didn’t expect to make a living from photography, but all my dreams came true thanks to iStockphoto and my friend who gave me advice. And this was the best career decision I ever made.”

Thato is living proof that sometimes it’s good to be open to a change. A life choice that you never expected to create may be the best one of your life.


We recently heard another story which is great motivation for anyone who feels frustrated that they haven’t achieved anything yet.

We had the chance of interviewing Aaron Witting. A month ago he made it to the headlines because he suddenly bought a supercar and surprised his parents and whole neighbourhood. Only two years back, Aaron was finishing his high school in London and wanted to become industrial designer but didn’t have enough money to support his studies, so he started working in a Chester cafe.

For the next two years, Aaron served coffee getting the lowest salary. He was growing tired of doing a dead end job.

Positive changes came after he had a talk with Josh, one of his colleagues during their lunch one day. Josh said that his brother had built a successful career by working as a web designer on Fiverr.com. He learned everything he could about the subject before making a career change.

“I thought Industrial Design would be something suitable for me. Well, it turned out – it wasn’t my cup of tea. I certainly didn’t expect to earn a living from freelancing, but Fiverr.com and my friend’s advice helped me realize what was my calling.”

Aaron’s story shows us that sometimes it’s great to be open-minded to the various opportunities. A choice that you’ve never thought to make may turn out to be the best one of your life.


First thing he did was registering his own account on Fiverr.com, a worldwide freelancing site that helps talented and skilled individuals find the projects to do.

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