He Caught His GF In Bed With Another Man! This Is How A Brave Man Saves Face In A Miserable Situation!

Meet Brian Slade – an honourable guy who saved face in probably one of the most humiliating situations possible. What situation you ask ?

Well, just imagine entering your bedroom totally exhausted after a double shift and seeing your GF passed out drunk, in bed next to some random DUDE! In most cases the first reaction would be kick the guy’s a** or just leave without a word, but that’s not Brian’s style.

He knew exactly what the best punishment for her would be: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! Humiliate him, that is exactly what she’s going to get in return!

“I sensed something was happening behind my back, but I didn’t know she would dare to bring some DUDE back to my bed! Come on! Anyway, I had a solution to that and made that b****!” strike a pose! Brian snapped several pictures of the pair in his bed and he even took a selfie!

Within seconds, all the pictures were posted on Facebook to publicly humiliate his now ex GF. Along with the pictures he sarcastically quipped: “Guys if you need breakfast or sth just let me know, I’m at your disposal” accented with a devil emoji.

WOW! This guy is tough!

Before he left he tried to wake her up to tell her “I hope he makes better mojitos than me!”, but she wouldn’t even move.

After his pictures went viral, he received comments from thousands of people from around the world, congratulating him for keeping a stiff upper lip. Some of them even shared their own heart broken stories, to help him realise he’s not on his own! One guy told him “he wished he lived closer to take him out for a crazy night with some girls, to forget about what happened”.

Brian didn’t expect such intense and positive feedback! After the dust settled, he reflected upon the situation and struggled to accept the fact his GF chose somebody else.

However, all the support he got helped him to recover faster! Later on, he came back on FB to thank all those people that contributed to his comeback.

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